Meat Retail & Delivery

Like its name, ALKausar, purity has always been our number one agenda. We breed one of the best Pure-Breed Holstein cows and Jersey Bulls with Local Jhang bred cows and Sahiwal with Jersey cows. This results in only the best breeds of cows and bulls.

Dairy & Livestock Farm

ALKausar has grown from 14 cows to a herd of 110 milking cows. What the cow eats is what determines the quality of milk it produces. With best-in-the-business veterinary doctors on board, ALKausar Farms has carefully managed every cow’s intake.

Qurbani Zabiha Service

Since 2009, buying and sorting quality desi breed and cross breed animals from the best markets in Pakistan and also breeding our top quality animals to be available for the Qurbani season.

Vegetables & Tunnel Farm

Tunnel farming is gaining acceptance among educated farmers as it provides them with an opportunity to grow vegetables in off-season by using less than 40 per cent water and managing required temperatures by capturing heat during winters.


Our services are of top quality
What our customers are saying about us

  • Syed Salman Mansur
    I am one of their satisfied customers. I've been using their services for last 4 years and they have been up to the mark. Highly recommended 👍
    Syed Salman Mansur
  • Faisal Shahzad
    I would like to say hearties thanks for very professional service from al kausar farms that made the qurbani a very hassle free for me. The way the meat was provided, the way it was prepared was all awesome and really the price charged was nothing against the convenient experience i got this eid 2020.
  • Shernawaz Khan
    My experience of Al kausar farm is excellent. I found them upto the mark and I think they are providing best services in the town. For me they are No. 1, their meat and desi ghee is highly recommended. They provide fresh and hygienic products at very low prices as compared to other.
  • shabnam Mirza
    Highly recommend it was very good meat and clean. I have been buying from airlift grocerapp and panda mart but didn't find anything like alkausar farms meat.

Our animals are 100% disease free and no sort of haram process or un-healthy practices are tolerated

Al-Kausar Farms has been nourishing fine quality bred animals since its inception and therefore our breeding section gave us the opportunity to explore the ever-rising Meat demand in a very volatile market.

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