Our Qurbani Process

1. Animals Procurements

The team of Alkausar farms procure animals for Qurbani and meat supply throughout the year which are carefully examined for diseases, vaccination status, feed information gender and general health. Once cleared, these animals are then transferred to our farm. After arrival at farm, animals are sorted into their respective categories. The healthy animals which meet shariah law and age requirements are categorized into Qurbani group. The remaining animals which are young and pregnant are sorted into daily meet and dairy group respectively.

2. Vaccination

After categorization, the animals are given proper health care and vaccination by the on-site VET Doctors. The sick/ill animals are taken away from other animals and are treated seperately.

3. Booking

Al-kausar farm opens the Qurbani bookings after Ramazan of every year on first-come first-serve basis for three days of EID-UL-ADHA. To ensure timely delivery of the Qurbani orders, specfic time slots are allocated to the clients for their ease and comfort.

4. Animals Tagging

After the order placement, the tagging of animals takes place so they get the meet of the same animals they have paid for.

5. Meat Processing (As Per Shariah)

On the day of EID-UL-ADHA, each animal is brought to slaughtering area after recitation of Qurbani dua, the slaughtering takes place by professional butchers with care, in the supervision of Mufti.

6. Cutting & Packing

After slaughter, the meat of the animal is cleaned in a separate room before sending for cutting. Once the body temperature of the slaughtered animal cools down, then it is sent to sanitized cutting room where the meat is cut. The hygenic meat is packaged into zipped bags and is ready for delivery in refer vans/ chillers.

7. Pickup Point Delivery (In Chiller Trucks)

Customers are then informed about the pick-up point so that they can recieve their Qurbani meat safely. Our representatives welcomes the customers at the pick-up point and handed over the meat after the verification of the receipt.


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Customer Review

  • Miraal khan
    Tried their qurbani service for the first time. The lamb that I ordered was really good, including the quality of the meat, the packaging and the clean cutting. Really appreciate the effort from Al Kausar Farms.  Will InshAllah continue to avail their services in future.
    Miraal khan
  • Maimoona gul
    Yes I opted for qurbani service from AL Kausar farms for the first time and I am super pleased and satisfied with their service. Immaculate and timely delivery with outstanding customers service. Clean and hygienically cut meat. A hassle free job done by the whole team for which they deserve applaud.
    Maimoona gul
  • Faisal Shahzad
    I would like to say hearties thanks for very professional service from al kausar farms that made the qurbani a very hassle free for me. The way the meat was provided, the way it was prepared was all awesome and really the price charged was nothing against the convenient experience i got this eid 2020.

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