Been producing 100 percent fresh Organic Milk while keeping in view the healthy nutrition for cows for a healthy output of milk Seeing the customary trends in market of some well known fresh Milk suppliers, (bogus farms, without proper check milk collection, mixing of some very dangerous and harmful chemicals to preserve milk, in order to bring milk from southern punjab and sindh into the northern belt requires a lot of chemical preservations) Al-Kausar team has come a long way in order to sustain the volatile business market in this industry and also growing along side in cattle and breeding in order to provide what it OUTSTANDS FOR and claims. .

What makes Al-Kausar milk special?

A cow’s milk is determined by what it eats. Keeping the key factor in mind, we at ALKausar farms have always put an animal’s need first. With years of research ahead of initiation of the farm, and even, dealing with animals at comparatively smaller number, we have closely studied the kind of nutruition an animal needs to produce best milk. We have been producing 100% fresh organic milk for several years now. Our aim and motivation has always been pure, hygenic, healthy and additive free milk. In a world where mass production is top proirity, the meaning of what is important for our overall health has been lost in translation. But not at ALKausar farms! At AlKausar farms, we want to break the stereotype, and bring forth to our customers purity and quality. Al-Kausar team has come a long way to bring non-homogenized, non-additive, preservative free milk. AlKausar farms we are breaking the tradition, we are bringing the customer what he actually needs!

Purity Factors

  • No injections
  • No chemical storage containers
  • Pasteurized is never supposed to contain all the healthy constituents of the milk together
  • We deliver fresh and supply as per the milking routine i.e., twice a day.

What makes our animals special?

Traditionally, animal’s weight is mainly increased by its fat content but here at ALKausar farm we concentrate on great nutrition of the animals so their muscle content is much higher than fat content resulting in lean and exquisite animals

We also believe in very little intervention when it comes to nature, i.e. only extremely necessary vaccinations are given to animals. No fat boosting, muscle boosting, milk yielding, steroids of any kind are given to animals at Al-Kausar farms.

Since the farm is located in an isolated area with few other animals being herded in the same area, chances of diseases spreading in our animals is next to nill.

Al-Kausar Livestock Breeding

At Al-Kausar, the founder and his team had very closely experienced the difficulty in obtaining animals, which can strive and produce high quality milk, in extreme temperatures and hard terrains like the potohar region with somewhat scarce water and crops as compared to south regions.

The Imported Heifers and Dairy Cows, though having high yield and authentic pedigree from their parent farms in Australia and / or Britain. Various dealers and importers are present in the market. The main difficulty is maintaining their yields and also the risks involved in the probability of their Pregnancy and post Pregnancy risks (having borne female or male). A lot of research in embryo and AI (Artificial Insemination) has also not proven to eliminate the power and role of Nature involved. The costs involved are also very high. Local markets of Animals in South region do have a number of very fine Cross breed Cows But there also the risk of fake milk quantity and disease and many other factors are at play. Initially purchasing Dairy Breeder Bulls and a mix of Cross Breed cows and 2 Swedish Blu (Pure Pedigree) and 1 Holstein (pure pedigree) along with 4 other cross bred Sahiwal dairy animals and 2 Male Pedigree Bulls H/F of the Freddy, USA was BOUGHT IN BY THE FARM.

  • Bull Breeding and Artificial insemination
  • Dairy cows pedigree f1 and f2)
  • Heifers and calves (f3 and f4) 95% pedigree
  • Beef animals for Qurbani and slaughter


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