Al-Kausar's service is the first of its kind with registered certifications

Meat has been of high demand in urban areas and demand for quality-packaged meat is now competitively existent in the market. Al-Kausar farms have had a very ample area for housing animals in different sections as per their nutrition and final produce. Our team has had experts in buying animals from various Markets in Punjab and Sindh and animals are inspected by DVM doctor and then transferred to our farm where they are slaughtered at our state-of-the-art Zabiha Slaughter house. We specialize in Whole Veil and Mutton Carcass supply. Al-Kausar Farms has been providing Halal Slaughtered Animals’ Carcass to meat vendors in the twin cities since 2014. Meanwhile, we also served for local home based customers in providing them Qurbani Zabiha (Slaughter and Packaging and Delivery) on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha..


1. Animals Procurements

AL-Kausar team regularly visits local “mandis” to procure the finest selection in animals. Our team along with vets examine animals at the sport. Animals are purchased bi-monthly and brought over to the farm.

2. Animal Vaccination & Amalgamation

Once brought over to the garm, our vets thoroughly examine the animals once again. The animals are then administered the PVMC identified vaccinations. Once vaccinated, these animals are merged into our existing lot. This ensures low probability of any breakouts in the livestock.

3. Animal Assortment

Now fully vaccinated, the animals are shifted to a fully vegetarian diet. The animals are tagged for slaughter according to weekly requirements of the customers.

4. Sharia Compliant Slaughter

At Al-Kausar farms, we always slaughter the animals in isolation and fully inline with Sharia guidelines..

5. Expert Butcher and Machine Cutting

The meat is prepared by fully trained butchers. We machine cut the meat to ensure there is no bone debris in the order.

6. Meat Delivery

The orders prepared are then cooled. After which they are delivered to ur twin city units, ready for delivery.

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Order Placement

For the utmost ease, orders can be placed in many ways:

  • Directly calling at 0321 4999426
  • Using our app at
  • Leaving a text or voice note on AL-Kausar Whatsapp - 0321 4999426

Bill Generation

Once the order is placed, a bill is generated and shared with the customer. After receiving confirmation, the order is forwarded to the farm preparation

Order Preparation

Orders are prepared by our expert butchers according to the specifications told by the customers. The meat is thoroughly cleaned and leaned and then the orders are prepared. Standard “boti” cut is of 80gm boti each.

Order Dispatch

Once prepared, the orders are chilled to about 3 to 4 degrees. Now they are ready for dispatch. Orders placed before 12PM are prepared for same day dispatch, which orders placed after 12PM are placed for next day delivery (Tuesday & Wednesday are off for weekly maintenance of all facilities).


Customer Review

  • Fawad Khan
    Meat quality is good ... I have been ordering meat from them for more than a year now . Keep the good work
    Fawad Khan
  • Fuzail Zubaid Ahmed
    I have tried them 4 different times and each time they delivered the best quality.  Well done Alkauser Farms
    Fuzail Zubaid Ahmed
  • Dew Mirza Ismail
    Thank you so much the meat was perfect and as per my expectations.
    Dew Mirza Ismail

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